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JAS1GROUP RESOURCES ASSOCIATES  serves both large and small organizations across all industries through our network of offices in Sigapore, malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand.

With deep insight and local expertise,JAS1GROUP RESOURCES ASSOCIATES partners with clients to accelerate and to power up their business by providing the people and services that will raise their bench strength quality,productivity, efficiency and skills competencies of their total workforce.

We can assure our clients and candidates with utmost  confidence that we have good and effective Quality Management System in place to meet their diverse service needs.

We render only the highest quality service in all our client-candidate interactions whilst maintaining strong ethics, integrity, honesty, and  responsibility  at all times.The system and process approaches that we adopt in the course of our work can also be seen in our effective service delivery in meeting our client candidate's expectations.Overall, this has enhanced our work performance and accelerated business growth. 

We believe in treating both our clients and candidates with professionalism, respect and integrity.